Fidem Financial and Onboard Partners

Expanding opportunities and reaching more customers

Fidem Financial (“Fidem”) is the investment management arm of Onboard Partners. To date, Fidem has facilitated the purchase of over $6.2 billion in assets, primarily consisting of consumer credit card and personal loans. Fidem’s team includes an industry-leading complement of portfolio investment professionals, operations executives and credit underwriting experts.  

Onboard Partners and Fidem team up to launch new cobrand programs, develop and deliver loan origination programs and expand the buy box for traditional banks. Fidem finds the investors and manages the assets generated through these programs; Onboard Partners manages the marketing and helps source new opportunities.

With Buy Box expansion, financial institutions can leverage Fidem’s deeper underwriting criteria and credit policies to say “yes” to more loan applicants with Fidem buying the loan assets, eliminating the loan loss risk on those loans for the FI. FIs get the following benefits:

  • Accelerate growth without increasing risk
  • Maintain ownership and control of all customer relationships and interactions
  • Alleviate need to increase loan loss provisions
  • Enhance customer relationships and product offerings
  • Increase revenue via servicing fees
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience across application channels
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