Optimizing a Credit Union Credit Card Portfolio

End-to-end marketing strategy increases portfolio profitability through cross-sell.


A $5B asset credit union with a $200mm card portfolio had limited credit card expertise in-house. They had 300K in total membership, yet their card portfolio balances were shrinking, while management had card loan asset growth aspirations.


Onboard Partners was hired by the credit union to manage their credit card portfolio and card acquisition marketing. To gain positive momentum, we started with existing member cross-sell marketing and closely collaborated with the credit union to:

  • Create new introductory offers that both satisfied their asset liability committee and were competitive in market.
  • Design a new, fresh, and engaging creative package to stand out against competitors.
  • Launch a product rotation strategy using monthly emails, bi-monthly direct mail campaigns, and always-on paid search ads. 


Onboard Partners and the credit union grew the card base while also increasing the portfolio profitability.

  • 43% increase in new account production volume year-over-year
  • 57% average net response rate over the industry average
  • 50% reduction in average cost per account
  • 26% average increase in sales volume year-over-year
  • 45% increase in risk adjusted revenue year-over-year

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