Relaunching a Regional Bank Credit Card Program

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After years of stagnation in its credit card business, a large Regional Retail Bank sought to grow credit card receivables and active accounts for a program that was narrowly structured around a transactor-oriented card with a complicated rewards system. They desired growth, but wanted to minimize their cost per acquisition. The client bank was further constrained by strict underwriting within their universe and lack of recent direct mail experience.


Working closely with the client, Onboard Partners was able to identify and solve blocks in the bank's credit card program to efficiently and effectively increase growth.

  1. Our team worked with the client to concept and relaunch the card with a simplified value proposition that was market competitive for the transactor segments. 
  2. Onboard Partners also recommended a lending-oriented card targeted to revolvers to accelerate growth in balances and profitability.

Along with the client’s risk team, our experts also reevaluated program underwriting to identify an untapped universe of revolvers and expand their mail universe.


With simplified rewards and a revamped card program overall, the client experienced rapid growth. Onboard Partners provided new creative packages leveraging industry expertise and funded all marketing on a cost per account basis, allowing the bank to fix their cost to acquire each account and amortize the costs over time.  

  • 40% year-over-year card growth*
  • Significant increase in client’s mail universe for revolver product
  • Grew overall portfolio by 16% in the first 18 months**

Onboard Partners has achieved lasting, profitable outcomes for our clients by continually pushing the boundaries of what we can deliver. From optimizing customer value to developing winning partnerships to deploying capital to accelerate strategic and financial opportunities, we help clients achieve high impact, high growth results.


* The 40% year-over-year card growth increase is based upon the number of incremental credit card accounts generated from 2018 to 2021 from Onboard Partners funded marketing.

** The 16% portfolio growth increase over 18 months is based on growth in overall credit card outstandings from Q2 2018 to Q4 2019.

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